Nurxiovo 43 Inch Hydraulic Pet Dog Grooming Table Upgraded sale

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Nurxiovo 43 Inch Hydraulic Pet Dog Grooming Table Upgraded sale



Easy to operate foot lift system
    • Material: Stainless Steel Frame And Anti-slip Rubber Table Surface Surface: Powder Coating Load Capacity: 400 Lbs Adjustable Height: 22-39 inches Thickness of The Board: 1 inch Style: Z-shaped Hydraulic Grooming Table with ‘’H’’ base ≤76dB.

2Package Includes:
    1 x Hydraulic Grooming Table
    2 x Adjustable Stainless Arm
    2 x Plastic Clamp
    1 x English Instruction
    2 X Nylon loop with leash clips
22-39'' adjustable height
  • This hydraulic grooming table operates through the use of a foot pedal for controlling the table's height through means of fluid pressure. This hydraulic grooming table is often favored due to the fact that pedal operation leaves a groomer's hands-free to concentrate on the dog. The table can be lowered enough for the dog to jump on or off.
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    Adjustable arms with clamps
  • The plastic clamps-on grooming arm adjusts to pets of different height, and it gives the groomer the ability to attach a harness or loop to its end, which is also equipped with a safety release clip. Keeps the dog secure, while allowing for a safe escape should the pet become nervous or attempt to jump off. The safety release prevents a dog from injuring himself while on the table itself.
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    Waterproof non-slip surface
  • CARB2, EPA certification. A dog's comfort and safety is very important. This grooming table`s surface is composed of a textured, non-slip, durable, and easy-to-clean material. It will allow a pup to have a good grip on the table with his or her feet, while also minimizing the chances for falls or trouble balancing. The table is free of any pointed edges or sharp corners that could injure yourself or your furry customers.
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