Cotton Candy Machine cart -Nurxiovo Electric Commercial Candy Floss Maker

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Cotton Candy Machine cart -Nurxiovo Electric Commercial Candy Floss Maker

Nurxiovo Cotton Candy Machine with cart
    • Just turn the power on and wait for the machine to warm up (about 1-3 min), pour in some sugar and let the machine do the magic, all you still have to do is collect the delicious cotton candy from the bowl with a candy stick. Works Continually and Yields one candy about every 30 Seconds. Integrated controller and display Voltmeter. Heating Power: 1000 Watts, Motor Power: 8W. Voltage: 110V, Frequency: 50Hz / 60Hz. With wheels, easy to move and transport. Super big space, more creation. ≤76dB.

Cute Shape Design

    You can use more than one flavor and color for your candies, just mix and match as you like and keep attracting more clients. Cute shape design and color more attractive to children like.
  • With a rolling cart so that cotton candy mahicne with cart can be transported and moved.
  • 7531
    Removable pan
  • Removable pan for easy use and cleaning,The Vortex Cotton Candy Machine will not turn on unless the pan is secured by the four clips, which will engage the safety switch.
  • drawer
    Large storage space
  • You can put some change or anything in the large drawer while making cotton candy.

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