Nurxiovo 3.2HP Dog Hair Dryer with Heater

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Nurxiovo 3.2HP Dog Hair Dryer with Heater

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    Nurxiovo 2400W 3.2HP Dog Hair Dryer w/ Heater, Speed Adjustable Professional Pet Grooming Blower

    Regularly give your dog a nice bath is one of the best ways to keep it clean, cool, and comfortable. Equally important is to dry down the pet quickly and effectively after a bath or a swim in a dog pool. Nurxiovo provides efficient and quiet dog grooming supplies, like pet pool, grooming table, dog dryers that can make this task of drying and grooming the pet a lot easier for you and your pup.

    pet hair dryer

    A c-clip holds the nozzle in place, but also makes it easy to switch among the three.

    quiet dog dryer
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