Nurxiovo 5 Gal/ 20 Liters Moonshine Still Multifunctional Water Alcohol Distiller sale

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Nurxiovo 5 Gal/ 20 Liters Moonshine Still Multifunctional Water Alcohol Distiller sale



  • ★ Multifunctional Usage - The 2/5 Gal home distiller units have many uses in moonshine making, distillation of water, essential oils, vinegar, and spirits. If you're looking to purify water by means of distillation, you can't go wrong either way.
  • ★ Easy To Use - Our type of distilling moonshine bucket still is widely preferred due to its simplicity and convenience. Its main components are the condenser and boiler which is not only easy to assemble and use, but also can execute all the functions needed to produce a finely distilled beverage.
  • ★ Build-in Thermometer - The build-in thermometer of this moonshine still keg can provide two kinds of degrees - Celsius and Fahrenheit, which is convenient for you to adjust the temperature because it is also very useful to produce spirits and beverages with varying strengths such as the temperature.
  • ★ High-Quality Stainless Steel Moonshine Still Material - Made of premium-quality stainless steel, Nurxiovo water distiller is extraordinarily stable and durable for distilling and brewing wine, whiskey, and other drinks. Also, the no-exotic material makes sure that your DIY drinks are safe and delicious. Besides, using stainless steel is convenient for you to clean and wash.
  • ★ Size & Package: 2 Gal Large bucket(9.8” x 7.5”)*1/5 GaL Large bucket(11.8” x 11.8”)*1,Small bucket(7.1” x 4.9”)*1, Coil pipe*1, Copper pipe*1, Exhaust valve*1, Thermometer*1

NURXIOVO Moonshine Still Wine Making Sets

NURXIOVO moonshine still will enable you to produce alcohol, ethanol, brandy whiskey, and more. You can also distill water and wine so that you can safely and healthily enjoy a variety of homemade wines at home with your family.

This alcohol distiller is popular for its simplicity and convenience. The distiller is not only easy to assemble and use, but it can also perform all the functions required to produce refined distilled beverages. Brewed by yourself, pure grain, and healthier! You're worth it!

    Stable and Easy Clasps

    Excellent sealing performance. Four quick clips along with a silicone gasket inside the lid facilitate tight sealing.

    Temperature Monitoring

    Cover with a precision thermometer with a dual-display of Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature so that you can adjust the temperature in real-time. So convenient for use.

      Quality Copper Pipe

      Copper has good resistance to acid properties in plants. During heating and distillation, a copper tube can remove sulfide from the distilling solution, resulting in a better taste and smell of the final product.

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