Nurxiovo Commercial Orange Juicer Machine, Electric Juice Squeezer

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Nurxiovo Commercial Orange Juicer Machine, Electric Juice Squeezer


Commercial Orange Juice Squeezer

  • Desire to drink a natural, freshly juiced citrus juice Instructions: 1. Place the machine on a stable surface and connect the power plug. 2. Put the cover on and make sure it is stable, then turn on the power. 3. All you still have to do is adding antisepsis and washed fresh oranges in your machine, it will do the rest; it will peel the skin, transform the fruits to some fresh healthy juice, and separate the pulp from the juice.
Before you turn on the machine, you need to check:
    All kinds of citrus - Oranges, Grapefruits, Lemons, Pomegranate Suitable for baker’s shop, tea salons, coffee-shops, health food stores, hotels and supermarkets. Simple design, little maintenance Efficient, reliable and stunningly designed Easy cleanup, assembly and dis-assembly
Powerful Juice Extractor
  • Orange bucket size: 15.7"(L)x 5.9"(W)x 5.9"(H) Diameter of orange: 1.5"-3.2" (40-80mm) Output: 20-30 Oranges per minute
  • scdx
    Healthier Juice
  • Uncomplicated dismantling, rinsing and reassembling High yield of juice by pressing the fruit Power cut off safety switch
  • sda
    High Quality Material
  • High quality stainless steel case Commercial attractive design Portable drip tray for collecting spillage

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