Nurxiovo Dog Pen Heavy Duty Dog Kennel Large Outdoor Pet Playpen sale

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Nurxiovo Dog Pen Heavy Duty Dog Kennel Large Outdoor Pet Playpen sale

  • Simple to Install: The outdoor dog fence comes with pre-installed parts, accessories include mounting tools for quick links, and easy use of hand tightening pliers. Ground anchorage is recommended.
  • Water Resistant Cover Cloth: The waterproof cover of the heavy dog cage is tightly coupled to the steel roof frame, creating a slope that allows rain and light snow to flow away rather than accumulate on the roof.
  • Sturdy Welded Steel Frame: Steel rack and wire mesh are welded before coating to prevent sharp edges that may harm your pet. A tough galvanized metal frame ensures years of use with little to no necessary maintenance.
  • Large Movement Space: Our pet kennel Provides a large interior space where your pet can play without feeling being bound. 6 feet high dog playpen keep your pet safe.
  • Product Dimensions: Pet Kennel 5.9' * 3.9' * 7.9' (H * W * L), Highest of door: 5’. Width of the door: 1.8’. Please note, this product is too big so the package will be sent in 2 parts, please check it. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask! We will try our best to give you a satisfied solution, you will not be sorry for your buying.
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Nurxiovo Heavy Duty Pet Kennel

72'' * 48'' * 95'' large pet house takes enough space for your pet, she can feel free life like itself kingdom.

This metal dog cage has everything you need to quickly assemble a professional outdoor enclosure for the safety of your pet. The tough Galvanized metal frame makes a long lifespan.

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