Commercial Heat Transfer Machine, Heat Press sale

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Commercial Heat Transfer Machine, Heat Press sale


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heat press machine handrail
Strong and firm press handrail
Specially designed soft armrest cover in line with human body comfortable function, fast and easy to complete heat press.
digital heat press
Thermostat and timer
Set the time from 0-999s, the temperature from 33 to 482 Fahrenheit
t-shirt press
Top pressure regulator
Adjust height according to your need, suitable for heat press different thickness of articles.
15x15 heat press
Fast Heating
High-quality heating tube, fast thermal conduction, Using the latest technology to make a thick and upgraded aluminum plate, the heat press machine featuring safety and durability meanwhile prevent it from uneven carrying capacity. It will no more than one minute to complete the heat press every time.
High-temperature resistant foam
High temperature resistant foamed silicone-resistant 350 degrees above(RED), high-temperature resistant foam-resistant 200 degrees below(WHITE)
heat press
Heat press machine size
    Size of Heat Press Area -15x12 IN Size of machine: 20"L X19"W X 18"H Power: 900w Voltage: 110v Ampere : 8.2 A Rotating Angel: 360 degree
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