LED Lighted Liquor Bottle Display, Bar Bottle Shelf sale

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LED Lighted Liquor Bottle Display, Bar Bottle Shelf sale


Multicolor-LED Lighting 44 key Remote Control

  • Our Two-Step LED lighted bottle display is by far our most popular liquor display. Standing 20 inches in length, this display highlights any counter space beautifully! With plenty of room for your entire liquor selection, it's the perfect combination of size and function.
  • The product includes 44 keys and controls 20 preset colors. The fade programs can not only adjust the speed but also have the function of dimming controls. You can choose any color you want in different environments and the adjustable light will give you a super experience.

Remote Function
You can adjust the color as you like. Not only can you choose the color you want, but you can also decide how long it will stay on one color and how long it will take to transition to the next color.

Easy to Use
Includes power supply and remote control. No assembly required, simply plugs into a standard 110v outlet. About 5 bottles can be held per step.

Safe Design
Liquor displays include removable rubber feet to keep your investment from coming into contact with liquids on your countertop.

Size of Led Lighted Liquor Bottle Display

  • 15.9*8.5*6.9"
  • 2 steps
  • Net weight: 4.63LBS
  • Package weight: 7.17LBS

For Home Bar Use

The product can be used both for bar and home and makes your decoration more attractive and space-saving.


    For Commercial Bar Use

    The product can save more space. The clear drink classification attracts more customers.

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