17''/22'' Pet Feeder Bowls for Dogs and Cats Nurxiovo sale

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17''/22'' Pet Feeder Bowls for Dogs and Cats Nurxiovo sale

  • Health Advice: While a pet may put pressure on the neck, shoulders, buttocks, and spine when they lower their heads to eat, the elevated bowl can reduce the extent to which they need to lower their heads, thereby relieving the pet muscle tension.
  • Thick Stainless Steel Frame: Durable stainless steel frame to make the shelves stronger, this pet bowl rack is perfect for naughty animals. The heavy-duty metal water bowls with stand adopt an anti-rust procedure to improve the lifespan drastically.
  • Two Bowls Design: Elevated pet bowl stand set comes with two high-capacity removable stainless steel bowls. Categorize the bowls and keep them clean at all times. 100% stainless steel materials are considered as one of the most sanitary and hygienic materials for making bowls.
  • Easy to Use and Simple to clean: Our product doesn't need to be assembled. The pet feed rack is ready to use when taken out of the box. The bowl can be removed for easier cleaning.
  • Product Dimensions: product size: 16.5'' * 7.9'' * 10.6'' (L*W*H), Diameter of the bowl: 7.68’’, depth of the bowl: 2’. Package size: 17.7'' * 8.9'' * 12''.
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Elevated Pet bowls

Nurxiovo Pet Feeder Bowls will give your pet a simple, healthy life, Elevated pet bowls can Keep the dog in the right position to eat, relieve the muscle tension of the dog, prevent food from spilling on the ground, and reduce the dog's aggressive behavior due to food protection.

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