Portable Sheep Shears 6 Speeds Adjustable Alpaca Electric Clippers sale

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Portable Sheep Shears 6 Speeds Adjustable Alpaca Electric Clippers sale

Suncoo Sheep shears

Let our clippers make your shearing season a breeze for you and sheep!


Designed especially for your pets

This powerful sheep grooming set will give you all the necessary power to get the job done featuring effective and efficient with effortless shearing. It is intended exclusively for use on sheep and goats as well as llamas, alpacas, and other members of the camel family, also can be extender to cattle and horses by changing the standard shearing head. Plus, the clipper is designed to ensure the shearing does not accidentally cut into the skin of the sheep and making for a much safer, comfortable experience as well.

  • The main condition for a successful sheep-shearing - tranquility calm. If you are restless, nervous, it is better not to approach animals, because an animal will quickly become infected with your emotions and will actively disturb you. Cuts are then inevitable.
  • For the procedure, a dry room is selected with maximum protection from rain and drafts. Sheep should be with dry wool, then the process will be successful and fast.
  • It is advisable to have several assistants at the time of the haircut: one will help keep the animal, and the other will be engaged in hair - to clean and sort it.
  • Sheep shearing begins from the belly of the animal, smoothly moving to one of the sides, and at the same time shears the hair from the back of the leg. Then cut the thoracic and neck, go to the back, a second side, front legs, and the remaining back leg. The fine-fleeced sheep are sheared once a year, the other breeds are sheared 2 times a year

      Sharp Blades

      The blades on the device are sharp enough to cut through thick layers of wool without injuring your sheep at the skin level.


        Cooling Air Flow Ventilators

        The effective fan keeps the head cool even during intensive shearing jobs. You can safely shear your sheep without worrying about getting them burnt, nicked, or agitated.


          350 W Powerful Motor

          It's always a good idea to spring for a model with a dependable motor. This way, you can be sure you have adequate power with enough speed and precision to withstand heavy use, but without the concern of the tool giving out during heated competition or busy shearing season.


          Multi-Speed Versatility

          Low speed (1-3) offers precision with quieter performance to clip sensitive areas while high speed (4-6) delivers maximum power for faster trims and full body shave downs.

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